Resume protection in a fan-out configuration with SM-BC

Contributors netapp-ahibbard

SM-BC supports fan-out configurations. Your source volume can be mirrored to an SM-BC destination endpoint and to one or more asynchronous SnapMirror relationships.

Fan-out configurations are supported with the MirrorAllSnapshots policy, and, beginning with ONTAP 9.11.1, the MirrorAndVault policy. Beginning in ONTAP 9.11.1, fan-out configurations in SM-BC are not supported with the XDPDefault policy.

If you experience a failover on the SM-BC destination, the asynchronous SnapMirror destination will become unhealthy, and you must manually restore protection by deleting and recreating the relationship with the asynchronous SnapMirror endpoint.

Resume protection in a fan-out configuration
  1. Verify the failover has completed successfully:
    snapmirror failover show

  2. On the asynchronous Snapmirror endpoint, delete the fan-out endpoint:
    snapmirror delete -destination-path destination_path

  3. On the third site, create an asynchronous SnapMirror relationships between the new SM-BC primary volume and the async fan-out destination volume:
    snapmirror create -source-path source_path -destination-path destination_path -policy MirrorAllSnapshots -schedule schedule

  4. Resynchronize the relationship:
    SnapMirror resync -destination-path destination_path

  5. Verify the relationship status and heath:
    snapmirror show