Initialize the ONTAP Mediator

Contributors netapp-lenida

You must initialize Mediator on one of your cluster peers before SM-BC can perform planned and automatic unplanned failover operations.

About this task

You can initialize Mediator from either cluster. When you issue the mediator add command on one cluster, Mediator is automatically added on the other cluster.

  1. Initialize Mediator on one of the clusters:

    snapmirror mediator add -mediator-address IP_Address -peer-cluster cluster_name -username user_name


    cluster1::> snapmirror mediator add -mediator-address -peer-cluster cluster2 -username mediatoradmin
    Notice: Enter the mediator password.
    Enter the password: ******
    Enter the password again: ******
  2. Check the status of the Mediator configuration:

    snapmirror mediator show

    Mediator Address Peer Cluster     Connection Status Quorum Status
    ---------------- ---------------- ----------------- -------------     cluster-2        connected         true

    -quorum-status indicates whether the SnapMirror consistency group relationships are synchronized with Mediator.