Resuming SnapMirror operations

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After completing a nondisruptive upgrade, you must resume any SnapMirror relationships that were suspended.

Existing SnapMirror relationships must have been suspended by using the snapmirror quiesce command, and the cluster must have been nondisruptively upgraded.

  1. Resume transfers for each SnapMirror relationship that was previously quiesced: snapmirror resume *

    This command resumes the transfers for all quiesced SnapMirror relationships.

  2. Verify that the SnapMirror operations have resumed: snapmirror show

    cluster1::> snapmirror show
    Source            Destination  Mirror  Relationship  Total             Last
    Path        Type  Path         State   Status        Progress  Healthy Updated
    ----------- ---- ------------ ------- -------------- --------- ------- --------
                DP   cluster1-vs2:dp_dst1
                                          Idle           -         true    -
                XDP  cluster1-vs2:xdp_dst1
                                          Idle           -         true    -
                LS   cluster1://cluster1-vs1/ls_mr1
                                          Idle           -         true    -
                                          Idle           -         true    -
    4 entries were displayed.

    For each SnapMirror relationship, verify that the Relationship Status is Idle. If the status is Transferring, wait for the SnapMirror transfer to complete, and then reenter the command to verify that the status has changed to Idle.

For each SnapMirror relationship that is configured to run on a schedule, you should verify that the first scheduled SnapMirror transfer completes successfully.