Provision an SVM by using a preconfigured ONTAP template


Beginning with ONTAP 9.3, you can create and provision an SVM by using a preconfigured template. You must provide values for the parameters that are defined in the template.

Before you begin

All of the required feature licenses must be installed on the cluster.

About this task

The VserverEnvironmentSetup template is the preconfigured template that you can use for configuring SVMs. The VserverEnvironmentSetup template enables you to set up the following configurations:

  • Security style, language setting, and IPspace of the SVM

  • Protocols

  • Data LIFs

  • Network routes

  • DNS configuration

  • Active Directory configuration

  • NIS configuration

  • LDAP client and server configuration

  • CIFS server

The VserverEnvironmentSetup template is a read-only template. You cannot modify the default parameter values of this template. If you want to modify the default values of any of the parameters in the template, you must copy the template, and then modify the default values of the parameters.

  1. View and note down the values for the parameters that are defined in the template for creating and configuring the SVM: template parameter show

    cluster1::> template parameter show
      Template: VserverEnvironmentSetup
    Permission: readonly
                                     Default      Read
    Parameter           Type         Value        Only Description
    ------------------- ------------ ------------ ---- ----------------------------
    vserver             string       -            no   Vserver Name
    security_style      string       unix         no   Vserver Security Style
    language            string       C.UTF-8      no   Vserver Language
    ipspace             string       Default      no   Vserver IPSpace
    protocols           enum         -            no   Protocols to configure
       Allowed Values: nfs, cifs, iscsi, fcp
    data_lif            array of lifInfoStruct
                                     -            yes  Data LIF Info Struct
    data_lif[#].ipaddr  IPAddress    -            no   IP Addr
    data_lif[#].netmask IPAddress    -            no   NetMask
                        string       -            no   LIF Protocol
                        string       -            no   Node Name
                        string       -            no   Port
    gateway             array of IPAddress
                                     -            yes  Gateway
    gateway[#]          IPAddress                 no   Gateway
    search_domain       string       -            no   Search Domain
    dns_server          string       -            no   DNS IP Addresses List
    ad_admin_name       string       -            no   AD Admin Name
    ad_admin_passwd     string       ***          no   AD Admin Passwd
    ad_domain           string       -            no   AD Domain
    ad_ou               string       CN=Computers no   Organizational Name
    wg_name             string       -            no   WG Name
    nis_domain          string       -            no   NIS Domains
    nis_ipaddr          string       -            no   NIS IP Address
    ldap_server         string       -            no   LDAP Server IP
    ldap_base_dn        string       -            no   LDAP Base DN
    client_config       string       -            no   LDAP Client Config
    cifs_server         string       -            no   CIFS Server Name
    26 entries were displayed.
  2. If you want to modify the default value of any parameter in the template, customize the existing template:

    1. Copy the template:

      template copy -name template_name -destination_name new_template_name

      cluster1::> template copy -name VserverEnvironmentSetup -destination-name template1

      The new template is a read/write template.

    2. Modify the default value of the parameter that you want to change:

      template parameter modify -template template_name -name parameter_name -default-value new_default_value

      cluster1::> template parameter modify -template template1 -name security_style -default-value ntfs
  3. Provision the SVM by specifying values for the parameters in the template:

    template provision -name template_name

    cluster-1::> template provision -name template1
    	    Press Ctrl+C to abort.
    	    * Setup of vserver *
    	    Vserver Name: vs0
    	    Vserver Language [C.UTF-8]:
    	    Vserver Security Style [ntfs]:
    	    Vserver IPSpace [Default]:
    	    * Setup of network.interface *
    	    Enter number of instances for object network.interface: 2
    	    (1/2)LIF Protocol: nfs
    	    (1/2)IP Addr:
    	    (1/2)Node Name: node1-vsim1
    	    (1/2)Port: e0c
    	    (2/2)LIF Protocol: nfs
    	    (2/2)IP Addr:
    	    (2/2)Node Name: node1-vsim1
    	    (2/2)Port: e0c
    	    * Setup of network.routes *
    	    Enter number of instances for object network.routes: 1
    	    * Setup of access.dns *
    	    Search Domain:
    	    DNS IP Addresses List:
    	    * Setup of security.nis *
    	    NIS Domains:
    	    NIS IP Address:
    	    * Setup of security *
    	    LDAP Client Config: ldapconfig
    	    LDAP Server IP:
    	    LDAP Base DN: dc=examplebasedn
    	    * Setup of protocols *
    	    Protocols to configure: nfs
    	    [Job 15] Configuring vserver for vs0 (100%)