Pre-upgrade checks


Depending on your environment, you need to consider certain factors before you start your upgrade. Get started by reviewing the table below to see what special considerations you need to consider.

Ask yourself…​ If your answer is yes, then do this…​

Do I have a mixed version cluster?

Check mixed version requirements

Do I have a SAN configuration?

Verify the SAN configuration

Do I have a MetroCluster configuration?

Are nodes on my cluster using root-data partitioning and root-data-data-partitioning?

Examine upgrade considerations for root-data and root-data-data partitioning

Do I have deduplicated volumes and aggregates?

Verify you have enough free space for your deduplicated volumes and aggregates

Is my cluster running SnapMirror?

Is my cluster running SnapLock?

Review upgrade considerations for SnapLock

Am I upgrading from ONTAP 8.3 and have load-sharing mirrors?

Prepare all load-sharing mirrors for upgrade

Am I using NetApp Storage Encryption with external key management servers?

Delete any existing key management server connections

Do I have netgroups loaded into SVMs?

Vefiry that the netgroup file is present on each node

Do I have LDAP clients using SSLv3?

Configure LDAP clients to use TLS

Am I using session-oriented protocols?

Review considerations for session-oriented protocols