Preparing to use the ONTAP CLI

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You should be familiar with the following commands when deploying the SnapMirror Business Continuity solution using the ONTAP command line interface.

Note SM-BC does not support the snapmirror quiesce and snapmirror resume commands for relationships with active
sync policy.

For more information about the following ONTAP commands, see NetApp Documentation: ONTAP 9.

Command Description

lun igroup create

Create an igroup on a cluster

lun map

Map a LUN to an igroup

lun show

Display a list of LUNs

snapmirror create

Create a new SnapMirror relationship

snapmirror initialize

Initialize an SM-BC consistency group

snapmirror update

Initiates a common snapshot creation operation

snapmirror show

Display a list of SnapMirror relationships

snapmirror failover

Start a planned failover operation

snapmirror resync

Start a resynchronization operation

snapmirror delete

Delete a SnapMirror relationship

snapmirror release

Remove source information for a SnapMirror relationship