event route modify


(DEPRECATED)-Modify an event’s destination, reporting threshold, or both

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


Note This command has been deprecated. It may be removed from a future release of Data ONTAP. Instead, use the "event notification" command set.

Use the event route modify command to modify an event’s destination, frequency threshold, and time threshold. The event’s destination must already exist; see the documentation for the event destination create command for information about creating destinations. The frequency threshold and time threshold prevent multiple event notifications in a brief period of time.

You can use extended queries with such parameters as -severity and -snmp-support to specify multiple events that meet certain criteria. See examples provided in the event route add-destinations command manpage that show how to use extended queries.

The frequency threshold specifies the number of times an event occurs before a repeat notification of the event is sent; for instance, a frequency threshold of 5 indicates that a notification is sent every fifth time an event occurs. The time threshold specifies the number of seconds between notifications for an event; for instance, a time threshold of 120 indicates that a notification is sent only if it has been two minutes or more since the last notification for that event was sent.

If both the frequency threshold and time threshold are set, a notification is sent if either threshold is met. For instance, if the frequency threshold is set to 5 and the time threshold is set to 120, and the event occurs more than five times within two minutes, a notification is sent. If both thresholds are set to 0 (zero) or empty ("-" or ""), there is no suppression of multiple event notifications.


-message-name <Message Name> - Message Name

Specify the message name of the event you are modifying. You can use wildcards to specify a family of events or type of event.


Use this optional parameter to specify a set of events that match this parameter value. You must use the -messagename parameter with wildcards to specify the family of events or type of events.

[-destinations <Event Destination>,…​] - Destinations

Use this optional parameter to specify a comma-separated list of destinations to which notifications for the named event are sent. Using this parameter replaces the current list of destinations with the list of destinations you specify. To add or remove individual destinations from the current list, use event route add-destinations or event route remove-destinations .

[-frequencythreshold <integer>] - Number of Drops Between Transmissions

Specifies the number of event notifications that must occur within the timethreshold period before a repeat notification is sent.

[-timethreshold <integer>] - Dropping Interval (Seconds) Between Transmissions

If multiple notifications of an event occur within this many seconds, only the first notification is sent. Multiple notifications will be sent during this time period only if the frequencythreshold quantity is exceeded.


The following example modifies all RAID events to send messages to a destination named "support.email", and specify that multiple messages should only be sent if and event occurs more than five times within 60 seconds.

cluster1::> event route modify -messagename raid* -destinations support.email -frequencythreshold 5 -timethreshold 60