diff.svcs events






This message occurs when the system cannot automatically apply the Differentiated Services (diff-svcs) setting to the High Availability (HA) partner. In the event there is a setting mismatch between HA pairs the node with the incorrect setting may produce an incorrect At-Risk-System (ARS) report.

Corrective Action

Manually apply the diff-svcs setting to the HA partner to ensure the setting is consistent across both nodes in the HA pair. In the event of a failure, issue the following command on the HA partner: "system node modify -node nodename -diff-svcs true|false" .

Syslog Message

Differentiated services setting was not automatically applied to the HA partner of node %s: %s.


node (STRING): Name of the node where the setting was successfully applied. A failure occurred while trying to apply the same setting to its HA partner.
error (STRING): Error reported when attempting to apply the setting to the HA partner.