secd.dc events






This message occurs when the Windows Domain Controller (DC), while responding to an MSRPC request from Data ONTAP®, returns an error indicating that it ran out of pipe instances in the listening state. This can happen when the requests from Data ONTAP are received by the DC during a timing window when the limited number of listening pipe instance are already allocated to other requests. Such errors received by Data ONTAP might result in longer CIFS/NFS authentication and/or access times, potentially resulting in CIFS/NFS client timeouts.

Corrective Action

Contact Microsoft support.

Syslog Message

MSRPC for Vserver %s to %s:%s was retried %d times (delay: %d usecs).


vserver (STRING): Vserver that encountered the failure.
dc (STRING): DC that returned the error.
pipe (STRING): Pipe on the DC.
retries (INT): Number of retries.
delay (INT): Time (usecs) spent retrying.