wafl.transition events






This message occurs at the completion of a WAFL® consistency point (CP) that occurs during a failover transition, such as takeover or giveback. This event logs the time spent and other important performance information.

Corrective Action


Syslog Message

Transition CP with reason %s for %s volumes with a total of %s dirty buffers took %ums with longest CP phases being %s on aggregate %s.


tag (STRING): Reason for the CP occurring and a status code.
vols (STRING): Counts of flexible volumes that participated in the CP.
dirty_bufs (STRING): Number of WAFL buffers that were in use when the CP began and the number required to complete the CP.
total_time (INT): Number of milliseconds that the CP ran for.
top_phases (STRING): Top time consuming phases of the CP.
aggrname (STRING): Name of the aggregate.