reg.cookie events





This message occurs when allocation of cookies for traversing all keys under a prefix fails. An EFAULT error indicates that the cause is an empty registry tree. An ENOTSUPP error indicates that the prefix entered might not be supported on a vFiler unit. An ENOMEM error indicates that the system is running low on memory.

Corrective Action

For an EFAULT error, check the prefix for spelling errors. For an ENOTSUPP error, try running the command on physical system, rather than a virtual system. For an ENOMEM error, close all applications that are consuming memory, as needed. If the problem persists,contact NetApp technical support

Syslog Message

registry: Allocation of cookie for traversing all keys under the prefix %s, failed at function %s. Error number %d: %s.


location (STRING): Location in the registry code where the failure occurred.
prefix (STRING): Name of the prefix that was passed as an argument to the function.
errorno (INT): Internal error message number.
errormsg (STRING): Internal error message description.