dbs.drives events






This message occurs when Distributed Block Store (DBS) has one or more failed drives. This can be happen due to: no access, too many failures, a missing drive, inaccessible master service for the node, or the drive is locked and cannot be unlocked or the authentication key cannot be accessed.

Corrective Action

Check network connectivity for the node. Replace the drives. Make sure that the authentication key is available.

Syslog Message

DBS has detected a failed drive(s). Cluster fault node %u, node UUID %s, drives %s, drive UUIDs %s, type %s, cluster fault ID %u, status %u. %s


nodeID (INT): Node ID number of the associated node.
nodeUUID (STRING): Node UUID string of the associated node.
cfDriveIDs (STRING): IDs of the failed drives
cfDriveUUIDs (STRING): UUIDs of the failed drives
cfType (STRING): DBS cluster fault type of the associated object.
cfID (INT): DBS cluster fault ID number associated with the fault.
cfStatus (INT): Current status of the cluster fault. 1 = New (just reported), 2 = Existing (updated), 3 = Resolved (closed).
cfDetails (STRING): Description of the cluster fault, including context details.
cfExtSrc (STRING): DBS cluster fault externalSource label created by the CreateClusterFault API command and attached to the fault for testing purposes.