nblade.execsoverlimit events






This message occurs when the number of active requests to a connection exceeds the allowed in-flight request threshold, which results in request throttling. Client connection performance might be degraded.

Corrective Action

Check the RPC slot setting on the client. Refer to TR-4067 "NFS Best Practice and Implementation Guide" for the recommended value and how to set it. For additional guidance, search the NetApp knowledgebase on the support web site for "nblade.execsOverLimit".

Syslog Message

The number of in-flight requests from client IP "[%s]:%d" to destination LIF "%s" (Vserver "%d") is greater than the maximum allowed (%d).


clientIpAddress (STRING): IP address of the client.
clientPort (INT): Network port of the client.
lifIpAddress (STRING): IP address of the network interface (LIF).
vserverId (INT): ID of the Vserver.
execsLimit (INT): Maximum number of in-flight requests allowed per connection.