clam.heartbeat events






This message occurs when the Kernel Cluster Services Connectivity, Liveliness, Availability Monitor (CLAM) detects that the state of the heartbeats to a node changed(that is, either the heartbeats started succeeding or they started failing).

Corrective Action

Take one or more of the following actions: - A repeated toggling of the heartbeat state indicates intermittent network issues. Check the connectivity of the node to the cluster interconnect and fix any problems. - In all the other cases, the heartbeat failure will eventually result in the node going out of quorum. If that happens, take the actions prescribed for "EMS_clam_node_ooq event".

Syslog Message

Heartbeats to node (name=%s, ID=%llu) are %s.


hostname (STRING): Host name of the node.
nodeid (LONGINT): Node ID of the node.
state (STRING): New state of the heartbeats to this node.