shm.ssd events






This message occurs when ONTAP® detects that a solid-state drive (SSD) has an average block latency during a five-minute timeframe that is greater than expected. ONTAP will continue to monitor the SSD latency and might fail the SSD if it exceeds latency thresholds.

Corrective Action


Syslog Message

SSD %s has exceeded the expected block latency in the current timeframe with an average latency of %d us and an average utilization of %d percent. The next highest SSD latency: %d us. %s


disk_name (STRING): Name of the disk.
latency_avg (INT): Average block latency in the current timeframe in microseconds (us).
util_avg (INT): Average drive utilization percent in the current timeframe.
next_hi_latency_avg (INT): Average block latency for the SSD with the next highest block latency in the current timeframe.
disk_information (STRING): Formatted information about the disk. This includes the disk’s vendor, model, firmware revision, and serial number.