snaplock.user events






This message occurs when the SnapLock® logging system fails to securely log either the addition or deletion of the compliance admin role to or from a user account. The actual operation might have succeeded.

Corrective Action

No corrective action is necessary. However, a secure log of the request might not exist and the SnapLock log volume should be checked for correct operation.

Syslog Message

There was a problem securely logging the %s of the "%s" role %s the user "%s" by "%s". Reason: %s


event (STRING): Identifies whether the role was added or deleted.
role (STRING): Name of the compliance admin role.
tofrom (STRING): Describes whether the role is being added to or deleted from the user account.
username (STRING): User name to or from which the role is being added or deleted.
whodidit (STRING): Name of the user performing the operation.
reason (STRING): Reason for the logging failure.