csm.homeportinfounexpected events






This message occurs when the Cluster Session Manager (CSM) establishes a connection between nodes over the cluster network interface of a switchless cluster and detects that the logical interface’s (LIF’s) home port and the corresponding remote device information are not the expected values.

Corrective Action

This message can occasionally happen during normal operations on a system startup or a LIF migration event. If the message repeats every few minutes, it might indicate a problem in the cluster interface configuration or the physical cabling of the switchless cluster.

Syslog Message

CSM reports unexpected information for cluster LIF ID "%d" (home port: "%s", remote device ID: "%s").


vifId (INT): ID of the local cluster LIF over which the connection gets established.
homePort (STRING): Home port hosting the LIF.
remoteDeviceId (STRING): Remote device associated with the home port.