nblade.cifsnbnameconflict events






This message occurs when the NetBIOS Name Service receives a negative response from a remote machine for a name registration request. This is typically caused by a conflict in the NetBIOS name or an alias. As a result, clients might not be able to access data or connect to the right data-serving node in the cluster.

Corrective Action
  1. If applicable, delete the duplicate NetBIOS alias by using the "vserver cifs delete -aliases alias -vserver vserver" command. Alternatively, rename a NetBIOS alias by deleting the duplicate name and adding an alias with a new name by using the "vserver cifs create -aliases alias -vserver vserver" command. 2. If there are no aliases configured and there is a conflict in the NetBIOS name, then rename the CIFS server by using the "vserver cifs delete -vserver vserver" and "vserver cifs create -cifs-server netbiosname" commands. Note that deleting a CIFS server can cause data to be inaccessible. 3. Remove or rename the NetBIOS name on the remote machine.

Syslog Message

The NetBIOS Name Service received a negative name registration response. The name %s is owned by a remote machine. The IP address being registered is %s. Object type is: %s with UUID: %s.


nbName (STRING): NetBIOS name or alias being registered by the NetBIOS Name Service.
IpAddress (STRING): IP address being registered by the NetBIOS Name Service.
object_type (STRING): Type of resource object.
object_uuid (STRING): UUID of the resource object.