mcc.toomany events






This message occurs when a volume is added to an aggregate in which the recommended maximum number of volumes for an aggregate in a MetroCluster setup is exceeded. An excessive number of volumes in a MetroCluster aggregate can result in high failover times, which may disrupt data availability from the affected node.

Corrective Action

Re-distribute the volumes among the aggregates to comply with the volume limit per aggregate in a MetroCluster setup. The number of volumes in an aggregate can be found by using the "aggregate show -fields volcount" command. Volumes can be moved between aggregates by using the "volume move start -vserver <vserver_name> -volume <vol_name> -destination-aggregate <destination_aggregate>" command.

Syslog Message

MetroCluster protected aggregate %s has volume count %d, which exceeds the recommended maximum %d.


aggregate (STRING): Name of the aggregate.
current_volume (INT): Current number of volumes on the aggregate.
volume_limit (INT): Recommended maximum number of volumes per aggregate.