air.certify events






This message occurs when a metadata inconsistency is discovered inside a file system feature that is read-only and therefore cannot be immediately corrected. One or more processes in ONTAP® software might have been canceled when they encountered the inconsistency.

Corrective Action

No immediate corrective action is necessary, because the ONTAP process that encountered the inconsistency has been automatically canceled. If the condition persists, contact NetApp technical support for assistance.

Syslog Message

AIR certification of %s failed: %s, %s ; message %s canceled for subtype %d


fh (STRING): File handle of the object with an inconsistency.
condition (STRING): Specific metadata validation test that failed.
source (STRING): Location of the failing metadata validation test.
msg (STRING): The ONTAP process that encountered the inconsistency.
subtype (INT): Subtype of the inode encountering the inconsistency.