wafl.seclabel events






This message occurs when the mutual exclusion has failed between the SnapMirror Synchronous and NFS v4.2 Security Labels features. This happens when an existing volume participating in a SnapMirror relationship receives an NFS "open", "create", or "setattr" operation carrying a security label. The system will not let a security label operation continue on a volume that participates in a SnapMirror Synchronous relationship, so the system administrator must either stop mirroring the volume or drop the security label operation completely.

Corrective Action


Syslog Message

An incompatible NFS v4.2 security label operation was received on a file in volume "%s" having a SnapMirror Synchronous relationship. To allow NFS operations carrying security label on the volume, the mirroring must be stopped first: FSID "%d" SNAPID "%d" FILEID "%llu": "%s"


volname (STRING): Volume name.
fsid (INT): File System ID (FSID) of the volume.
snapid (INT): Snapshot copy ID.
fileid (LONGINT): File ID.
error_msg (STRING): Detailed error message to provide context while debugging the issue. The relevant input/output parameters of the message are also included to aid in debugging.