httpd.api events






This message occurs when a Manage ONTAP® API request to an internal server expires due to configured session limits.

Corrective Action

Inspect the last error contained in the message to determine why the API request exceeded the configured session limits. The "security session show -interface ontapi" command may be used to display all active and pending API requests across the cluster. Run "security session limit show -interface ontapi" to verify the currently configured session limits.

Syslog Message

A Manage ONTAP® API request (%s) has expired after %lu seconds. Last error: %s


api_name (STRING): The name of the API.
elapsed_time (LONGINT): The age of the API request (in seconds).
last_error (STRING): Reason for the warning, indicating the limit category that was exceeded.
purge_time (LONGINT): The purge time (in seconds) for outstanding API requests.
trace_tag (LONGINTHEX): The generated trace tag associated with the API request.