secd.ipq events






This message occurs when the IP qualified name-mapping entry is omitted because of an error during the name-mapping check. For example, an error can occur if a host name is configured as the value for ip-qualifier but the hostname lookup fails, in combination with no IP address defined in the name-mapping configuration to validate against the incoming user.

Corrective Action

After resolving the error reported in this message, run the "vserver name-mapping refresh-hostname-ip" command to refresh the name-mapping information.

Syslog Message

Skipping the name-mapping entry on Vserver "%s" for user "%s" at position %u. Reason: %s.


vserverName (STRING): Vserver associated with this operation.
userName (STRING): Name of the user.
position (INT): Name-mapping position.
errorString (STRING): Description of the specific error condition: for example, "Failed to lookup hostname"