wafl.inofile events






This event can occur when a snapshot’s inofile buffer header has the wrong magic or file block number.

Corrective Action

Contact customer support.

Syslog Message

Bad header in snapshot %s inofile in %s %s%s%s%s, snapid %d, fbn %llu, vbn %llu, cp_count %u was magic 0x%x, fbn %llu, cp_count %u


ino_type (STRING): The type of inofile
type (STRING): The type of object (volume/aggregate)
owner (STRING): The owner of the volume
vol (STRING): The name of the volume
app (STRING): Application UUID.
volident (STRING): To uniquely identify the volume in cases where volume name itself is insufficient.
snapid (INT): The snapshot identifier
fbn (LONGINT): The file block number
vbn (LONGINT): The volume block number
cp_count (INT): The volume CP count
omagic (INT): The magic number in the header
ofbn (LONGINT): The file block number in the header
ocp_count (INT): The CP count in the header