tcp.conn events






This message occurs when TCP internal metadata for a given TCP connection is inconsistent and does not align with the socket send buffer data. This inconsistency might result in a controller disruption. Depending on how the inconsistency occurs, the TCP connection can be reset.

Corrective Action

If the TCP SACK option is enabled, disable it and re-establish the specified TCP connection. Also, check for network congestion in the network attached to this controller and address any issues found.

Syslog Message

Inconsistency between TCP metadata and the socket send buffer occurred for the connection with local address "%s:%d" and remote address "%s:%d". The inconsistency occurred while processing "%s". The connection is "%s".


local_address (STRING): Local IP address of the connection.
local_port (INT): Local port of the connection.
peer_address (STRING): Foreign IP address of the connection.
peer_port (INT): Foreign port of the connection.
error_code_path (STRING): Code path where the error occurred.
connection_reset (STRING): Indication of whether the connection was reset or not.