repl.src events






This message occurs when SnapMirror® logical transfer is not possible due to incompatible Snapshot copies.

Corrective Action

Create new Snapshot copy on the source volume and use that for Logical transfer.

Syslog Message

SnapMirror operation failed because the reference and/or the transfer Snapshot copies on the source volume are either a) from a release prior to Data ONTAP 8.2 b) captured in a nonclustered format c) not upgraded to dual inode space. These Snapshot copies cannot be used for logical transfer.


srcVolMsid (LONGINT): Source volume Master Data Set ID (MSID).
srcVolDsid (LONGINT): Source volume Data Set ID (DSID).
srcVolVserverId (INT): Source volume Vserver ID.
srcInstanceImageUuid (STRING): Source transfer instance Snapshot copy UUID.
srcVersionImageUuid (STRING): Source transfer version Snapshot copy UUID.
srcInstanceRefImageUuid (STRING): Source reference instance Snapshot copy UUID.
srcVersionRefImageUuid (STRING): Source reference version Snapshot copy UUID.