vsdr.app events






This message occurs during the configuration replication phase of a Vserver DR transfer when the consistency group that the system is trying to replicate already exists in the cluster on a different Vserver.

Corrective Action

Remove the existing consistency group or make the Vserver that has the conflicting consistency group in it the destination in the Vserver DR relationship.

Syslog Message

Consistency group %s cannot be created in Vserver %s due to conflicting consistency group %s in Vserver %s.


consistency_group (STRING): Name of the consistency group that the system is trying to replicate.
destination_vserver (STRING): Name of the destination Vserver into which the consistency group is being replicated.
conflicting_consistency_group (STRING): Name of the conflicting consistency group.
found_in_vserver (STRING): Name of the Vserver in which the conflicting consistency group was found.