vldb.vldbaggr events






This message occurs when an aggregate is identified that does not exist in the Volume Location Database. This could happen if a disk shelf that constitutes an aggregate is plugged in or when an aggregate is created in Maintenance mode.

Corrective Action

If this is a new aggregate that must be added to the Volume Location Database, then use the (privilege: diag) "debug vreport" command to resolve the inconsistency in the VLDB: 1. Run "debug vreport show" to show the object name. 2. Run "debug vreport fix -type aggregate -object object-name". If this is a stale aggregate that must be removed, then contact support personnel.

Syslog Message

The aggregate "%s" with UUID "%s" on node "%s" does not exist in the Volume Location Database.


aggregate (STRING): Name of the aggregate.
uuid (STRING): Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) of the aggregate.
node (STRING): Name of the node.