sms.common events






This message occurs when there is a failure in creating a common Snapshot(tm) copy. The SnapMirror® Sync relationship continues to be in "in-sync" status. The latest common Snapshot copy is used for recovery in case the relationship status changes to "out-of-sync." The common Snapshot copy should be created at scheduled intervals to decrease the recovery time of "out-of-sync" relationships.

Corrective Action

Create a common Snapshot copy manually by using the "snapmirror update" command at the destination volume.

Syslog Message

Creating a common Snapshot copy for source volume "%s" and destination volume "%s" with relationship UUID "%s" has failed due to the following reason: "%s". Elapsed time since the latest successful common Snapshot copy is %s.


srcpath (STRING): Path name of the source volume of the SnapMirror relationship.
dstpath (STRING): Path name of the destination volume of the SnapMirror relationship.
relationship_id (STRING): Relationship UUID.
error_msg (STRING): Error that prevented the common Snapshot copy from being created.
css_fail_interval (STRING): Interval between the last successful common Snapshot copy creation and recent failure to create a common Snapshot copy.